Understanding Emergency Protocol
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Understanding Emergency Protocol

A few weeks ago when my car died while I was driving, I didn't really know how to handle the situation. After things went south, I pulled over as quickly as I could to wait for the tow truck driver. Unfortunately, my car was basically sitting in the middle of a busy intersection, which made it really hard for my tow truck driver to do his job. After police closed off the intersection, I was finally able to have my car towed to a shop. On my website, you might learn how to follow basic emergency protocol so that you can stay safe and expedite repairs.


Understanding Emergency Protocol

  • Common Semi Issues and When To Call a Large Vehicle Tow Truck

    1 August 2022

    Semi-trucks are some of the largest vehicles on the highway. They serve many purposes, from delivering food to transporting livestock. Semis spend a lot of time on the road, and they can experience mechanical issues at some point in their travels. If you own a fleet, then you know how inconvenient it can be to have one of your drivers stranded on the road in one of your trucks. No matter how much you put into having them properly serviced, problems like the ones listed below can still happen.

  • 4 Ways to Benefit from Towing Services

    31 May 2022

    Car issues are common. You could be traveling for a business trip or enjoying a vacation only to experience an emergency that leaves you stranded on the road. No matter how careful you are with your car, emergencies are sometimes inevitable. It's important that you know what to do in such a crisis. Roadside assistance services can help you get back on the road in no time, especially when stranded in unfamiliar areas.

  • Calling An Emergency Towing Company? Be Sure To Ask These Questions

    31 March 2022

    Are you in a situation where your car is not working while you're away from home, and you need to have it towed to an auto shop to be repaired? If so, you'll need to reach out to an emergency towing company—like Cloverdale Tow—for their assistance. Here are some questions you should ask before you hire a towing company. What Payment Forms Do You Accept? It's always important to ask what type of payment the towing company will accept.

  • 3 Impressive Benefits Of 24/7 Emergency Auto Towing Services

    3 January 2022

    It is hard to tell when something bad, such as a car breakdown, will happen. That is why you should always be prepared for car emergencies. For example, a prudent driver needs to know how to deal with car problems and seek help when the need arises. Though this may seem challenging, it is usually as easy as working with an emergency towing services provider. Read on to find out why to should always turn to a 24/7 emergency towing company.