Understanding Emergency Protocol
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Understanding Emergency Protocol

A few weeks ago when my car died while I was driving, I didn't really know how to handle the situation. After things went south, I pulled over as quickly as I could to wait for the tow truck driver. Unfortunately, my car was basically sitting in the middle of a busy intersection, which made it really hard for my tow truck driver to do his job. After police closed off the intersection, I was finally able to have my car towed to a shop. On my website, you might learn how to follow basic emergency protocol so that you can stay safe and expedite repairs.


Understanding Emergency Protocol

  • Reasons To Partner Your Fleet With A Heavy-Duty Vehicle Towing Service

    1 August 2023

    As a fleet manager, you must anticipate rendering help to your drivers and their trucks when needed. Your fleet drivers may require you to send someone to help them when they slide off the road, get into an accident, or jackknife their rigs. However, you might lack a trailer or tow truck that is large and powerful enough to winch or tow out your fleet vehicles. Instead, you can get the roadside help you need for your drivers when you partner your fleet with a local heavy-duty vehicle towing service.

  • Know When To Repair Your Brakes: Three Indicators

    30 May 2023

    When drivers hear a squealing noise when bringing their vehicle to a stop, they view this sound as indicating that they need new brake pads. However, this sound is but one indication. Several other signs a vehicle gives should prompt the need for this auto service. Learn more about some of these indicators so that you can have your car repaired promptly. Vibrations When you apply the brake pedal, a vibrating or pulsating sensation is not normal.

  • What To Look For In A Towing Company

    27 February 2023

    Finding a reliable towing company can be a challenge, especially if you're dealing with a roadside emergency or other unexpected situation. However, choosing the right towing company is important to ensure that your vehicle is transported safely and efficiently. Here are some key factors to consider when choosing a towing company.  Experience and Reputation  One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a towing company is its experience and reputation.