Understanding Emergency Protocol
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Understanding Emergency Protocol

A few weeks ago when my car died while I was driving, I didn't really know how to handle the situation. After things went south, I pulled over as quickly as I could to wait for the tow truck driver. Unfortunately, my car was basically sitting in the middle of a busy intersection, which made it really hard for my tow truck driver to do his job. After police closed off the intersection, I was finally able to have my car towed to a shop. On my website, you might learn how to follow basic emergency protocol so that you can stay safe and expedite repairs.


Understanding Emergency Protocol

Reasons To Partner Your Fleet With A Heavy-Duty Vehicle Towing Service

Eevi Annala

As a fleet manager, you must anticipate rendering help to your drivers and their trucks when needed. Your fleet drivers may require you to send someone to help them when they slide off the road, get into an accident, or jackknife their rigs. However, you might lack a trailer or tow truck that is large and powerful enough to winch or tow out your fleet vehicles. Instead, you can get the roadside help you need for your drivers when you partner your fleet with a local heavy-duty vehicle towing service.

Winch-Out Services

As large and durable as your fleet trucks are, they can still slide off the road during inclement weather like heavy snowfall or freezing rain. Your drivers might find it difficult to keep their rigs on the roads and land themselves in a ditch or median. Once they are stuck in snow or ice, your drivers might find it difficult to get their trucks freed again.

To get the trucks back on the road, you may need to dispatch a heavy-duty vehicle towing company to your drivers' locations to provide winch-out services. The heavy-duty vehicle towing company can send out one of its flatbed trailers or tow truck to pull your fleet truck out of the ditch or median. You can then get that truck back on the road safely so your driver can continue on their route.

Accident Towing

When your drivers become involved in accidents, they might have to get their damaged trucks towed from the scenes. When you lack a flatbed trailer of your own to use, you may need to rely on one from a heavy-duty vehicle towing service. 

The driver from the heavy-duty vehicle towing service can roll your damaged fleet truck onto the flatbed trailer and then tow it to the repair shop of your choice. You avoid having to leave your truck on the side of the road because you cannot tow it away yourself. You also avoid having to rely on the county or city to tow it for you, which can cost more than paying for a heavy-duty vehicle towing service.

A heavy-duty vehicle towing company can provide you with the services you need to manage your fleet better. The drivers for this company can provide winch-out services when your trucks slide off into a ditch or median. They can also tow your trucks from accident scenes. 

Contact a local heavy-duty vehicle towing service to learn more.