Understanding Emergency Protocol
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Understanding Emergency Protocol

A few weeks ago when my car died while I was driving, I didn't really know how to handle the situation. After things went south, I pulled over as quickly as I could to wait for the tow truck driver. Unfortunately, my car was basically sitting in the middle of a busy intersection, which made it really hard for my tow truck driver to do his job. After police closed off the intersection, I was finally able to have my car towed to a shop. On my website, you might learn how to follow basic emergency protocol so that you can stay safe and expedite repairs.


Understanding Emergency Protocol

4 Tips To Help Keep You Safe When You Have Car Trouble And Are Waiting For Roadside Assistance

Eevi Annala

As the weather gets warmer and you start traveling more frequently, you may find yourself waiting for help on the side of the road. Therefore, you want to know what to do to stay safe while you wait for a roadside assistance service to arrive and help. The following tips will help you stay safe when you have car trouble and are waiting on the side of the road for roadside assistance:

1. Drive or Roll Your Car Out of The Roadway to Ensure It Is Safe from Being Hit in Traffic

When you have car trouble, it is a bad idea to stay parked in the middle of traffic. If you can get the engine started, try to drive your car to an emergency lane or safe area off of the roadway. If the car will not run, you should try to roll it to a safe area away from traffic if it is possible.

2. Keep A First Aid Kit in Your Car When You Travel to Take Care of Minor Injuries If You Have an Accident

Usually, if you have had an accident, you will want to call for medical help if there are any injuries. Even though you may call for medical attention, it is a good idea to have a basic first aid kit in your car. In addition, you may need to first aid kit if you injure yourself when attempting roadside repairs on your own and the injuries are minor and do not call for medical attention right away.

3. Make Sure That You Have Signals to Make Your Car Visible When You Pull Over Due to Car Trouble

One of the biggest dangers, when you have car trouble, is that your car is not visible to other cars in traffic. Therefore, you want to make sure that you pack the right signals to ensure everyone in traffic can see you and you do not get hit. This should be a combination of reflective signals and emergency lights.

4. Stay in Your Car and Buckled Up When You Are Waiting for Roadside Assistance Help to Arrive

Sometimes, it can be tempting to wait outside of your car while waiting on the roadside assistance to arrive, but this can be dangerous. In most situations, you will want to wait in your car and buckle the seatbelt while waiting for roadside assistance. You will want to wait a safe distance away from your car and traffic if there is smoke or fire that you have not been able to put out.

These are some tips that will help keep you safe when you are waiting on the side of the road for help. If you have found yourself stranded on the side of the road while traveling, contact a roadside assistance service to get help with repairs or getting your car to the shop. 

For more information on roadside assistance, reach out to a local towing service.